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The Visionaries at Presidian Hospitality and Hotel Management Company

Meet the visionaries that dedicate themselves each and every day to making the Presidian hospitality and hotel management company a leader in our field. These well respected and knowledgeable professionals are the foundation of everything we do.  

Meet the Presidian Team

H. Drake Leddy
Chairman and Founder

Drake Leddy is a respected, award-winning developer who has achieved wide-ranging success in complex real estate development and finance since 1984. He is a seasoned expert in project feasibility, strategic planning, market structures and relationships, and portfolio and asset management. As the founder and former CEO of Presidian, Mr. Leddy is responsible for the corporate governance of Presidian, advising the executive team on key business matters and ensuring effective communication with investors and constituents. He holds a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law, is affiliated with the State Bar of Texas, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Urban Land Institute, is past president of Real Estate Council of San Antonio and is a past member of the Hilton Franchisee Advisory Board.

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Charles Leddy

Stanton Leddy
Vice President

Jeanette Mosley
Chief Financial Officer

Sergio M. Cardenas
Corporate Director of Sales

Letty LeCompte
Human Resource Manager

Tim Olfers
Project Manager / Regional Engineer
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